Nomad Coffee Co.

nomad [noh-mad].  noun.  a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place.

We are a traveling, wandering, voyaging coffee company.  Where ever our tires park and our feet land, the goal is to find new friends and family while preparing the best coffee and espresso drinks you can find.


In one way or another, we are all travelers.  It may be a commute to or from work, a quick errand, a road trip, or just an afternoon cruise.  Nomad understands that.  And whatever the occasion or the season, we are waiting to take your order and to make the journey that much better.


Got a favorite coffee shop drink?  We are ready to prepare it for you.  From a hot cup of black no room drip coffee to an iced white chocolate mocha, our aim is to make it better than you've experienced before.  And if you aren't too fond of coffee, we have many options for you as well.  Whether it be a cup of high quality tea, a london fog, or a chai latte, we've got you covered.  

Not too interested in coffee or have dairy allergies?  We got you covered.  We also have various specialty teas that are blended locally by Good Karma Tea Co.  So feel free to stop by for some of the best tea and tea lattes in town as well.  Additionally, we always try to have various non-dairy options in stock, such as almond and/or soy.