Nomad Coffee Co.

nomad [noh-mad].  noun.  a member of a people or tribe that has no permanent abode but moves about from place to place.

We are a traveling, wandering, voyaging coffee company.  Where ever our tires park and our feet land, the goal is to find new friends and family while preparing the best coffee and espresso drinks you can find.

About Us

We have a confession to make.

This isn't just about coffee for us. Our name has a double meaning. The most obvious one is the connection with our mobile business structure. But the second meaning is the most important and is the reason why we are in business.

Nomad Coffee Company loves people.

We love coffee farmers. We have a passion to spread knowledge concerning coffee origins and the beautiful people who make this delicious beverage possible. We are also committed to reaching out to the communities of coffee farmers and origin countries and doing whatever we can to make a difference. One of our big dreams is to one day use this business as a way to connect directly with coffee farmers in various third world countries and to partner with them and their communities. Buying a cup of coffee from us is taking us one step closer to having that dream become a reality.

We love community. We believe that a healthy society is made of people who choose to freely give to their brother and neighbor in need. With that, we are committed to doing whatever we can to make a difference in our community. Namely, we are committed to two things:

  1. Instead of wasting extra food products such as milk or coffee, we will donate these things to local soup kitchens.
  2. We are "Light Change" Partners. This organization is a token program in the Lynchburg community. Individuals from the community donate money to support tokens that are then distributed to those in need around the community. Those who possess the tokens then can redeem them at various businesses around the community. We are honored to be one of those businesses. For more information about "Light Change", please click here:

We are serious when we say that our mission as Nomads is to develop relationships with the community. Buying a cup of coffee from us is buying into the mission that we stand for and why we exist.